woensdag 9 februari 2011

Revell`s type VII-C,U-201...........The introduction of the model and the real thing


  • Type                    ;VII-C

  • Ordered               ;23-09-1939

  • Laid down            ;20-01-1940 F.Krupp Germaniawerft A.G.,Kiel(werk 630)

  • Launched             ;07-12-1940

  • Commisioned        ;25-01-1941 under OBLT Aldabert Schnee(Oak Leaves)

  • Commanders         ;25-01-1941 untill 24-08-1942 KPTLT Adalbert Schnee
  •                               (Knight Cross)
  •                              ;25-08-1942 untill 17-02-1943 KPTLT Gunther Rosenberg +

  • Career ,9 Patrols    ;20-01-1941 untill 01-04-1942, 1 Flottille as a trainings boat.
  •                               ;01-04-1941 untill 17-02-1943, 1 Flotille as a front boat.

  • Successes               ;22 ships sunk for a total of 102.697 GRT
  •                                 2 Auxiliary warships sunk for a total of 5,700 GRT
  •                                 2 ships damaged for a total of 13,386 GRT

  • Fate                        ;Sunk on 17-02-1943 in the North Atlantic in position 50.50N,40.50W,
  •                                 by depth charges from the British Destroyer HMS Viscount,
  •                                 49 dead,all hands lost.

                                9 Patrols by U-201

Patrol 1)

U-201 in heavy seas.

U-201,Brest 1941,note that the bunker is still under construction.

''Adi'' is the fifth from the right.


U-201,early 1941.Note the ''black arrow'',this was a steal ''protection cover'' for the bow of the
U-boats in icy waters,pictures below you see it better.

U-48,type VII-B.Januari 1940.

U-410,Type VII-C.Danzig,1942.

This is probably a type IX.

As far I can remeber I have more of this ''protection cover'',
if I can find more photographic evidence of this ''cover'' I will post them,stay tuned.

If this is U-201 on the left,I think the boat on the right is a XIV(milch cow)probably U-460.
I have looked in the KTB`s of the type`s XIV(10 boats commisioned),
the only possible boat that resuplied U-201 is U-460 on her second patrol.
U-460 left St. Nazaire on 27-08-1942 and arrived on 12-10-1942 in St. Nazaire,
and was for 47 days at sea.
At that time it was U-201`s 8th patrol,under the command of Gunther Rosenberg.U-201 left Brest on 6-09-1942 and arrived on 26-10-1942 in Brest,and was for 51 days at sea.

Probably this picture is taken on 17-09-1942 in quadrant DF-27 when
she was on her way to Venezuela.U-201,U-332 and U-511 getting 477 CBM of  fuel
and 158 provisions from U-460.


The model and her lingerie.

Some details.

Let me start with the inlet valves for the main ballesttank.On the model are three valves visible,
my best guess is that a type VII-C has ''four valves'',I think David Westwood`s plans are right.

From David Westwood`s book''Anatomy of the ship,the type VII-C U-boat''

U-28,Type VII-A.

U-99,Type VII-B.

This is the nearest picture of the valves I could find in my  personal archive of a Type VII-C,
oeeeeeee this one close very,very close.

U-703,Type VIIC,1 March 1944.

U-995,Type VII-C/41.